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Toby Arsalan presents "Schmoby Schmarsalan" | Stand-Up Comedy in English

Niemetzstraße 24 12055 Berlin - zum Stadtplan
Einschränkung: 7 to 10 Euro suggested donation for the artist
Freitag 21.02.2020 - Anfangszeit: 20:30 Uhr
Kategorie: Comedy & Theater
Join Toby Arsalan for a comedy experience where he contemplates human existence, questions societal taboos and shares his deepest thoughts and desir– just kidding it’s all a bunch of stupid jokes from one of Berlin’s stupidest comedians!

He’s performed all over the world, so you know his jokes are broad and don’t require nuanced understanding! He’s been on TV, so you know dumb people enjoy him! Plus he opened for comedy legends such as Judah Friedlander, Godfrey, Todd Barry and Tom Rhodes so you know he’s been around famous people!

The show is gonna happen on Friday, the 21st of February at a bar called Kleinod, down in Neukölln by the hipsters and the mafia clans. Be there by 8.30 for good seats. There’s no entry at the door, but please remember to throw a 7 to 10 Euro donation in the bucket at the end.

Visual Art by Eduardo Maluf de Campos

von: tobyarsalan

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