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Purple ride: FLINT*-Critical Mass

Mariannenplatz Berlin - Mariannenplatz Berlin
Freitag 14.08.2020 - Anfangszeit: 20:00 Uhr
Kategorie: Tolle Touren
--> FLINT* (Only for: woman, lesbien, inter, non-binary and trans people!)

!GEIL geil GEIL!

Next purple ride these friday 14.8.:

8pm Mariannenplatz!

-Ab aufs Rad gegen das Patriarchat-

!Come and join and bring your FLINT*- Friends!

Please, also check the fb event for updates:

If you want to support us, you can always share it on your social media accounts!


Purple Ride is for women*, lesbians, inter, non-binary and trans people. We want to feel safe in the streets and public and empower us to ride our bikes with pride. We fight for a safe bike infrastructure for all of us, without car machos, without mansplaining!

Bring noisy stuff (bike bells etc.). Let's be loud and queer!

We meet on the second Friday of every month at 8pm at Mariannenplatz / Feuerwehrbrunnen in Kreuzberg. In autumn/winter we sometimes watch documentaries or movies instead. But be sure every year on 8th of March, we are back on our bikes! So keep an eye on our social media accounts!

We want to make it possible that every FLINT* person can ride with us. You need a bike? You want to ride with us, but don‘t know how? Send us a pm or leave a comment, we'll try to find ways to support you!

We‘ll ride for about two hours as a critical mass through Berlin.
Please note that, as long as the group is gonna be rather small (up to 50 participants), we‘ll ride slowly and stop at red lights and big intersections to ensure the safety of the whole bike flow. Note, we just ride as a group and are not a demonstration.

Instructions because of Covid-19:
- please use a mask
- please maintain 1,5 meters of distance

In case it‘s your first time and you don‘t know what to expect, or you have already taken part on a critical mass but you‘re still not sure about the recommended behavior, you can also check the general cm rules and guidelines here:

We‘re looking forward to riding with you!


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