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Standup Suicide Squad: Trigger-Happy Comedy (EN) Late Night Friday

Grünbergerstr 84 10245 Berlin - zum Stadtplan
Einschränkung: Wir freuen uns am Ende über eine Spende
Freitag 26.04.2024 bis Samstag 27.04.2024 - Anfangszeit: 23:00 Uhr
Kategorie: Comedy & Theater
Is cancel culture real? Some would say it's as real as feeling sleepy around Cosby or Chappelle wanting to bang a trans woman. But come find out at Standup Suicide Squad Friday 26th April 11:30pm at The Wall Comedy (Boxhagener Platz)

How does it work you might ask?
Comedians get 10 minutes on stage. First 5 minutes is regular standup.

Second 5 minutes is where it gets fun. The comedians pick an accent out of a bucket which they have to do for the rest of their set. From a second bucket they pick problematic topics that they have to make jokes about and try not get canceled in the process.

What are “problematic” topics? Well that’s up to you, the audience! We’ll give you pen and paper and you can go crazy. Too shy? Don't worry, we'll have some nasty topics ready to go.

Now the goal is not to offend people for the sake of being offensive, but to walk the line between what’s offensive and what’s not. But bear in mind the topics are touchy (just like your uncle) and these comedians are wild so this might go south real fast.

***HUGE TRIGGER WARNING*** if you are easily offended don’t come to this show, you’ll have a bad time and we'll laugh.

Reserve your seat via eventrbite:

Doors: 11:00pm
Show starts: 11:30pm
Show ends: 12:30am

We ask for a donation of 10€ at the end to support the artists. Entry is free in the event you can't stay. If you stay, support your artists - this might be the end of their careers.

**non-smoking venue**
The show will be completely in English.

Hosted and produced by Christoph Schmid @topf.comedy and Anna Beros @afberos

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Andrea 30. März 2022 - 19:25
We kindly ask you not to use capital letters only words in headlines, no competetion screaming among all the comedy events. Thank you! Andrea

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