American Beauties: A Stand Up Comedy Show

Star 33 10437 Berlin - zum Stadtplan
Einschränkung: 15 Regular, 10 Student or Low Income
Jeden 1. Samstag - Anfangszeit: 20:00 Uhr
Kategorie: Comedy & Theater
Two Headliners in one night! Stand Up Comedy Special Show. Enjoy good storytelling and quick witted jokes? Come hear about the secret lives of these friendly American comics. Big energy guaranteed -- over a full hour of jokes and storytelling in this rare collaboration that will definitely make you laugh!Both of these comedians have headlined and have comedy credits.

This comedy special takes place at a casual, friendly hip bar La Minga! Arrive early for drinks with friends if you like! Doors to the show OPEN AT 20:00! Show starts 8:30pm sharp! The shows runs monthly.

FREE to RESERVE a seat. This is a Pay At The Door Show, 15 Regular, 10 Student/Low Income. You must claim your reservation before 8:15 pm, then we start letting folks without a ticket in. Can´t wait to see you there!!

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NOTE: There is a LATE SHOW after this one, for more variety: American Psychos! Pro comics test new jokes for your entertainment! Feel free to stay for the late show, too! Free to Book the Late Show, However we will ask for Donations at the End of the late show.

TERA KILBRIDE (USA): Tera's an international stand up comedian, host and producer, originally from the United States, living in Europe. She’s performed English standup in 10 countries + adding to the roster! Her content tackles mental health, growing up, relationship fails, travel, dark humor, and being an expat in Europe. Tera´s known for her energetic delivery, her bold content and fearlessly engaging with her audience. In addition to her jokes, Tera hosts several of her own shows per month, and is high in demand. Tera is known for seamlessly sprinkling in crowd work. "You are so direct, I love it!" "The way you come up with responses on the spot is just incredible; you have to be so quick!" "I´ve never seen an audience this hot, wow" - Comedian. Credits include The Hamburg International Comedy Festival (2021/2022) hosting for the Berlin New Standup Awards (2021), and Berlin Mental Health Festival at Cosmic Comedy (2021); and Boom Chicago! Comedy Festival (2022). She was featured on the Television Show Standup Revolution Romania (2022). She produces: Dude, Where’s My Visa? Roast your Ex!, Glow, Laugh Trap Stand Up Comedy Nights. DM for bookings.

PATRICK MOORE (USA): Berlin Based Comedian, Finalist Berlin New Stand Up Awards, Host Patchats Podcast, @patmoorcomedy Patrick Moore was born and raised in the San Francisco Bay area, son of 2 lesbians, and grew up on a diet of love, attention, and tofu. In keeping with his unorthodox background, Patrick started his stand-up career in Berlin, Germany. Where he was one of the runner ups in the Berlin New Stand Up Awards. He has performed all across Europe, and produces his own monthly showcase in Berlin. Patrick hosts a podcast called Patchats, and creates original sketches on his YouTube channel. You can find his podcast, sketches, and stand-up clips by following him on Instagram/TikTok/Facebook/Youtube @patmoorecomedyHe produces: Friday Funnies, Saturday Night Live Standup, Standup Storytellers & his solo show Mamas Boy

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