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Schnippeldisko // Disco Soup

Molkenmarkt 1 10179 Berlin - zum Stadtplan
Freitag 13.10.2017 - Anfangszeit: 19:00 Uhr
Kategorie: International
The “Erasmus” program is turning 30!

Prior to the “Erasmus Days”, the Info-Café Berlin-Paris invites you this Friday the 13th October for a so-called “Schnippeldisko” or “Disco Soup”.

The concept of “Schnippeldisko” is born in Berlin – the first Schnippeldisko comes the NGO “Slow Food Deutschland” – und it is fast growing worldwide since a few years. The organisers collect food leftover from market before it get wasted - thanks to the great support of the “Foodsharing” organisation, in our case. Meanwhile the event, the participants can cook it together, lead by our Spanish Cook Javier Gutierrez, and enjoy a free dinner in a nice atmosphere. We will also organize some small games (for example: quiz games, blind test...) about European cultural differences around meal and cooking.

The aim of the event is also to make aware of the food waste topic.
Feel free to join, but please sign in at this address:
Please note that we can only admit a limited number of participants: we can only guarantee access to these who signed in prior to the event.
Feel free to share our event:

von: cafeberlinparis

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