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Giselas Burlesque Birthday BASH

Schönhauser Allee 56 10437 Berlin - zum Stadtplan
Einschränkung: Eintritt frei! Gerne nehmen wir bei Gefallen Spenden an!
Mittwoch 25.09.2019 - Anfangszeit: 20:00 Uhr
Kategorie: Kleinkunst

Its time to say something:


and I want you to celebrate this with me at the 25th of September!!!
Ya I know its a fucking Wednesday, but most of you have been at my Bingos on Monday, so no complains and excuses pls! ♥

We will come together where everything started 4 years ago, at the Zum Starken August, where ,me, the GODMOTHER of BINGO was born. I will guide you through the night and also invited some fancy, fancy people, I'm going to share the stage with. Pleas clap your hands together for my line up (so far):

♥ Noéline la Bouche
♥ Mimi Oh La La - The Wild Pin Up
♥ Sylphie Ariella Venefica
♥ Georgia Smith
♥ Lola de Saint-Germain
♥ Dotti Moscati
♥ Violent Femme
♥ Ginger Synne
♥ Lexy Nightcat

There will be no entrance BUT pls make sure to bring some coins cause supporting the arts is fundamental! And don't forget to tip the bar! ♥ Bring your own cakes if you like, I hope to have a METTIGEL and some bottles of cheap Sekt.

Please don't bring presents, I'm super happy if you would invest in DRINKS, TIPS and YOURSELF that night or give it to my incredible perfomers! ♥ thx

I'll keep YOU updated, so save the date, share this event and bring your friends! No dresscode, but if you fashion up your superhot body feel free to be stunning! ♥



von: Gisela Kloppke

Hinweis: Gisela Kloppke sucht nette Leute als Begleitung

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