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Arab Song Jam goes Mashriq feat. Omar Znkawan Band

Wissmannstraße 32 12049 Berlin - zum Stadtplan
Donnerstag 02.05.2019 - Anfangszeit: 19:00 Uhr
Kategorie: Musik
Traditionelle & populäre arabische Lieder ganz neu
Omar Znkawan Band
Musik aus dem Sham

Omar Znkawan is a Syrian saxophonist, clarinetist and composer who has been living in Berlin/Germany since 2018 and working on his project „Arabic Jazz music “.

Currently, Omar is a fellow of the program „Weltoffenes Berlin 2019“ of the Berlin Senate of Culture and Europe. He is working on recreating the Oriental music in general, and especially the Arabic music by adding new rhythms and harmonies for the musical forms to spread the Eastern atmosphere in Western styles, so that the non-Oriental people will accept and like it. Also, he and his band play songs and pieces of the most famous musicians in the Arabic scene in new jazz arrangements.

Regarding especially the saxophone, Omar's aim is to introduce it with Oriental instruments in a new image by playing the quartertone in Oriental melodies and improvising in the Oriental-Jazz style.
Omar is satisfied now to start a new existence as a Syrian composer and saxophonist with the Omar Znkawan Band in Berlin. You are invited to discover his creations und to feel delighted by his fusion of Jazz and traditional Arabic and Oriental music.

Of course, this is worth pursuing to add new musical taste and new colors into your life.


Omar Znkawan (sax/clarinet)
Cem Dinler (piano)
Can Tüfekcioglu (drums)
Wataru Saito (contrabass)
Shingo Ali Masuda (kanoon)
Ashour Ichaia (sax)
Zaina Dalla (vocals)
Kenan Ali (vocals)
Rasha Deeb (flute)

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