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Pre-Congress Event "Where Science meets Yoga" (for free)

Brunnenstr. 147 10115 Berlin - zum Stadtplan
Dienstag 04.04.2000 - Anfangszeit: 17:00 Uhr
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Come and join a talk by PhD. Phys. Doru Bodea, one of the keynote speakers and head of the programme commitee of the VI. International Yoga Congress in Berlin this year. Doru is a yoga teacher for more than 25 years and will speak about the devolopentment of the merging between science and yoga of the past years.

The event will also host a workshop regarding the topic.

As the host of this years International Yoga Congress the "Deutsche Akademie für traditionelles Yoga e.V." is happy to invite you all to a programme full of yogi spirit and anticipation for the main event.
For this we also want to offer a SPECIAL OPPORTUNITY:

Everyone, who attends the pre-congress event on the 4th of November gets the opportunity to purchase an event ticket for the whole congress (30th of November to 2nd of December) for the early early price of 195,- € (saving 100 € compared to the regular priced ticket).

Use the link below for more information regarding the Yoga Congress in Berlin:

Below you can find an abstract of the talk, which will be held by PhD. Phys. Doru Bodea:

Scientific studies upon the effects of different forms of yoga practice upon human health (both regarding the human body and the human psychic and mind) and welfare can be dated back to the 50’s. A simple search into the existing online libraries which provide meta-analysis functions, using key words as “yoga and health”, “yoga and welfare” or simply “yoga and scientific studies”, shows staggering and almost hard to believe results, offering numbers in the range of tens of thousands. And we are talking here about peer reviewed papers only. Nevertheless, the distribution of the studies in the last almost 20 years shows an interesting fact.
There is obviously a tremendous increase in the interest science shows to the yoga system and its specific benefits. This is partially due to the extraordinary development of the research facilities. Yet, the increase also proves that science finds worth investing the necessary time and attention to this ancient spiritual discipline. Although the possible marriage between science and spirituality looks still far more an arranged one than love at first sight, we have to admit that even considering the possibility is an enormous step forward from both sides. We invite you to a debate upon the role and relevance of modern science in the wide frame of traditional yoga practice.

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