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A new 'We' crossing borders

Bamberger Str. 38 10779 Berlin - zum Stadtplan
Sonntag 27.09.2020 - Anfangszeit: 13:00 Uhr
Kategorie: Wellness
Before a time and society can move forward with new opportunities and new solutions, a new collectively shared consciousness is paramount. As to be demonstrated, there are indications that a paradigm shift is taking place in these times of crisis. A dualistic mentality based on individualism and competitive thinking is overcome in favour of a holistic spiritually anchored mentality of unity. Here, the 'we' no longer opposes the 'you' but integrates it. In this lecture we want to shed light on what is required of us to finally manifest this new 'we'.

Time: Sun 27, Sep 2020, 1 pm (until 3 pm)

Free entrance/limited seats, registration necessary 0175 1433 255

von: Spätzchen

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