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Sahaja Yoga: The beginning of a new inner experience!

Behaim Str 8 10585 Berlin - zum Stadtplan
Einschränkung: Free Entry
Montag 05.10.2020 - Anfangszeit: 19:00 Uhr
Kategorie: Wellness
Sahaja Yoga meditation meetings in English are back in Berlin after the summer break. We cordially invite all the seekers of truth to the entirely free weekly sessions. Come and experience the balance, creativity and spirituality within!

The first session will be held with an introductory evening on Monday 5th October at 19:00, followed every Monday at the same time at the Sahaja Yoga Center in Behaim Str. 8, 10585 Berlin, Charlottenburg, near the stop U7 Richard Wagner Platz. The meetings will last for about an hour and a half, registration via E-mail is required and you can also participate in an ongoing course, preferably by writing an email to: Sahaja Yoga has been present in Berlin for many years and offers evening meditation courses (from 19:00) entirely free in four languages: Monday in English, Tuesday in German, Thursday in Polish and Friday in Italian. Of course we speak a lot of other languages, thanks to the cosmopolitan Berlin which is a melting pot to different cultures. For further information, please visit, which is also available in English.

Sahaja Yoga is a unique yet an ancient knowledge of some simple techniques which offers us the opportunity to face life in a different way not only because it frees us from tensions, fears and worries, but especially because it opens new paths of our evolution. It is an adventure to discover the deepest, widest and most satisfying dimensions of human awareness and is therefore aimed at all those who seek their inner self, as well as new perspectives for a balanced and serene society. It was founded in 1970 by Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi and is now practised worldwide.

Through Sahaja Yoga, you can achieve a state of meditation known as thoughtless awareness. In this state, you experience and enjoy the present moment without any distractions from the past or future. Your consciousness works in flow with your inner energy. Being in this state makes you peaceful and balanced while improving your wellness and relationships over time.

Every human being can reach this natural state of new awareness and balance and in a short time become the true master of oneself. Sahaja Yoga is not an organization, a club or a spiritual congregation, it is a ‘state of being’, and it’s a real and spontaneous experience. Self-realization and all teachings of Sahaja Yoga are free just as breathing and beating of our heart.

The key to transformation is a primordial "maternal" energy - in Sanskrit called as ‘Kundalini’ - that exists in the sacred zone of all of us. This energy must be awakened and directed to the limbic area of the brain where, once stabilized, it creates a great sense of peace, joy and balance, a prelude to exciting new discoveries of our being in all its beauty. All tensions in the nervous system disappear. The primordial energy, once awakened, nourishes a complex system of plexuses and channels that control all the functions of our being. People who are too emotional, sensitive, easily conditioned, prone in extreme cases to depression as well as, on the contrary, those who are too active and enterprising, not very attentive to feelings and even aggressive and dominant at the limit, all find balance and develop a sense of serenity and a greater willingness towards others. Diseases and dysfunctions also tend to disappear gradually. In this meditation, one can achieve the state of ‘Yoga’ spontaneously (meaning the ‘connection within’). Our awareness gains a new dimension where absolute truth can be felt tangibly - on our central nervous system. As a result of this happening, our spiritual ascent takes place effortlessly and physical, mental and emotional balance is achieved as a by-product of this growth of our awareness. When the inner dormant energy is awakened, it gives us a silent thoughtless awareness state where thinking reduces and the mind becomes still, whilst remaining fully aware in the present moment. The whole experience is extremely gentle and can be easily achieved so no need for mats or special clothing for attending the session.

During the weekly meetings of Sahaja Yoga, which will last about an hour, we will stabilize the process of Self-realization, a spiritual phenomenon (also called in our tradition "second birth"), which generally occurs from the first meditation. We will know better about our subtle body, the set of channels, energy centres and their qualities. Simple techniques for working energetically on energy centres and channels will be presented; vibratory sensitivity will be developed, we will use simple elements (air, water, earth, fire), mantras and music. In short, we will experiment with the hypotheses proposed, with love, by the founder Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi to the researchers of Truth from all over the world. So now it’s time to experience this living process and get drenched into the ocean of bliss!


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