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The Forage – Skulpturroute in Kreuzberg an Pfingsten

10999 Berlin - 10999 Berlin
Samstag 30.05.2020 bis Montag 01.06.2020 - Anfangszeit: 09:00 Uhr
Kategorie: Kunst
The Forage
May 30 – June 1, 2020
Sculpture route in Berlin Kreuzberg

With Nicoleta Auersperg, Liesel Burisch, Andrés Felipe Uribe Cárdenas, Lennart Constant, Sofia Duchovny, Max Eulitz, Mar Fjell & Malin Arnell, Daniel Hölzl, Francys Houlmann, Theresa Kampmeier, Alana Lake, Gabriela Lesmes López, Esper Postma & Maurits Koster, Max Puorro, Nerya Shohat, Amadeus Vogelsang and Mark Walker.

For some weeks now, moving about in parks and streets has remained the only possible leisurely activity outside our houses. Still, public space has become affected by measures of separation. The streets confront us with semi-legal guidelines and social taboos. We pay more attention to our bodies in the interaction with public space. Meanwhile, we have gotten fully saturated with digital approximations to viewing art at home. Amid these experiences, common space outside retains its value as a place to roam with all of our senses.

The Forage entangles itself in our relationship to the city and proposes some additions. The exhibition brings together a diverse group of Berlin-based artists making works that complement, embrace, question or subvert their direct environment. The artworks open up a playful interaction with the people passing by.

The Forage is an invitation to rummage, to wander, to queer the Kiez in search for these treasures – follow the map on our website all across Kreuzberg!

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