Maum Meditation Center Berlin - Wannsee

Königstrasse 50 a 14109 Berlin - zum Stadtplan
Kategorie: Wellness
What is Maum Meditation? Maum Meditation changes the mind of man to the mind of the universe by subtracting the memorised thoughts of our past.When you complete the 7 steps of Maum Meditation, you can be reborn as the body and mind of the universe and confirm that your true soul lives forever. The mind of man is a picture world that looks like the real world. This picture world is the source of our stress burdens and conflicts in our daily life.When we live with the true mind of the universe we can feel free from all the limitations of our past and live a life of true hapiness not depending on external conditions.We offer a free introductory lecture every thursday at 7 pm and saturday at 3 pm.


von: kyom

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