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Berliner Feinkost(Vol.XIII)

Bänschstr 79 10247 Berlin - zum Stadtplan
Einschränkung: Eintritt frei, Austritt mit hut!!!
Donnerstag 29.09.2016 - Anfangszeit: 21:00 Uhr
Kategorie: Kleinkunst
Music-Comedy-Theatre-Show in Bänsch-Bar, Berlin-Fhain
+++Suited for English speaking people, dogs, and children! Just kidding: definitely not for children.+++
Free entry, exit: hat money!

Stereochemistry & Dr. Heidenschreck
The world-renowned Viennese psychiastrist, Dr. Kosemine Heidenschreck, is used to seeing fascinating cases and patients. Her new patient, Miss Stereochemistry, however, is beyond everything she has seen before: A consortium of five aliens occupy one human body and use it for spreading their ideas on sexuality, society, and the solution for all your tax problems.
a spectacular exploration of kinkiness, craziness, and gender fluidity. Delivered with fine music and witty humour!
2... fascinating women sharing funny, witty, kinky, absurd, surreal, satirical, bizarre, stories with music and songs.

Stereochemistry a.k.a Karla Hajman (Music | Comedy)
Stereochemistry’s music travels along the lines of Ani DiFranco, Regina Spektor, Victoria Williams and such.
Miss Stereochemistry is a travelling consortium of five aliens sharing one human body, on a mission to explore and enlighten the human kind on its own contradictory existence on Planet Earth. Stereochemistry serves her thought-provoking messages on society, politics, sex, religion, love, depression as a merciless yet prejudice free satirical musical cabaret, faithfully backed up by her guitar, piano, ukulele, violin bow and a loop station.

Dr. Kosemine Heidenschreck a.k.a Bastian Mayerhofer (Comedy | Music)
Kosemine Heidenschreck: Bob Marley meets Hanibal Lector, and Sigmund Freud meets Martina Navratilova! Formerly a professional tennis player, Dr. Kosemine Heidenschreck is a psychiatrist, specializing on (sexual) abnormalities. She feels the strong urge to tell the world about her patients’ stories and her own fascinating career. Not sure what to expect? Well ... certainly craziness, sexiness, and pure madness. But delivered with lovely melodies, dirty humour, and the most delightful Viennese accent you can imagine.

von: Bänsch

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