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Brain Gym Introductory Workshop with Brigitte Boller/PerNaturaCura

Legiendamm 6 Berlin Berlin - zum Stadtplan
Mittwoch 15.11.2017 - Anfangszeit: :00 Uhr
Kategorie: Wissen live
Discovering your very own tool kit for managing your thinking and your feelings effectively through specific techniques and exercises becomes crucial in this fast paced life. With Brain Gym techniques you can jumpstart on days when it feels like your battery is flat, rewire some circuits and flick on the trip switch enabling you to be a consistent peak performer at work and play.

Brain Gym is a movement-based program that Helps Everybody Learn Anything Quickly and Easily.Brain Gym improves• Concentration and Focus (ADHDers love Brain Gym!)• Memory• Reading• Writing (No more writer's block.)• Organizing• Listening• Physical coordination• Project completion• Learning (Helps everybody with learning challenges.)• Sports performanceBrain Gym supports people of all abilities in making wide-ranging changes in their lives. Used in more than 90 countries, Brain Gym is taught in thousands of public and private schools worldwide and in corporate, performing arts, and athletic training programs. Brain Gym works. It's quick. It's easy. And it's fun!Understand the brain-body connection, experience Brain Gym and form your own opinion.

Please ring at "PRAXIS"

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