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Vernissage / Ausstellung Ein Museum der Farben

Am Flutgraben 3 12435 Berlin - zum Stadtplan
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Samstag 17.06.2017 bis Sonntag 25.06.2017 - Anfangszeit: 19:00 Uhr
Kategorie: Museen
The Museum of Colours in cooperation with Flutgraben e.V. held its Pilot Exhibition in January 2017.
The second exhibition will take place June 17th through the 25th (Vernissage on the 17th at 7PM).

Our upcoming exhibition is divided into three areas:

1. 'The Colours Laboratory' will be focused on the perception of colours: how do our eyes function and how does our brain process such information. Eye model, colours to touch and to taste as well as visual tricks will be introduced in this part.

2. 'As colourful as the Berliners' will then outline how multicultural Berlin is. Carnivals and parades will be depicted and most importantly colours which are worn by Berliners: from the clothes and jewels to the make-up and the hair colours.

3. The Colour Room will study the symbols and the meanings of blue. The Blue Note, blue jeans, the blue from Yves Klein or the Berliner blue will be displayed and documented.

The exhibits will be as diverse as colours are: pieces of art, models, everyday life objects, pictures and colour materials.

In addition to the exhibition we offer several other events, such as tours on a donation base every day at 3pm.

von: Museum of Colours

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