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blues für alle

haasestrasse 1 10245 Berlin - zum Stadtplan
Freitag 23.03.2018 - Anfangszeit: 21:00 Uhr
Kategorie: Tanzkurse
Blues Dance @ Lovelite 
* Free Entry *

21:00 Blues taster for newbies and refreshers
22:00 Party starts
2:00 Time to go home

Blues dancers in Berlin! Have you been missing us? We missed you! After christmas holidays, new year's eve and the cold and rainy beginning of the year, we want to see you all on the dancefloor at Lovelite again ♥

Pack your dancing shoes for a night of dancing to traditional and alternative blues as well as fusion. You’re wondering what kind of music that is? Check it out here: Loveliteblues #ctrl #alt #fn by DJ neon blues (

You love blues but have no idea how to dance to it or need a refresher? Perfect! Come to our taster at 21:00! We'll give you a one hour introduction for free.

In November, we had the unpleasure to have pickpockets there. Please be aware that there are not only dancers at Lovelite and take care for your valuables. You can put your most beloved stuff behind the DJ table.

von: hauke

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