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TRADITIONS - Bontje x Bunt x Nasbami

Rosenthalerstr. 39 10178 Berlin - zum Stadtplan
Freitag 07.09.2018 bis Sonntag 30.09.2018 - Anfangszeit: 19:00 Uhr
Kategorie: Kunst
TRADITIONS showcases three Dutch artists Stephan Bontje, Jacco Bunt, and Nazif Lopulissa for the first time in Berlin. Their colorful and vibrant works question how images, forms and symbols constitute our cultural and individual identity.

The works of Nasbami (Nazif Lopulissa) emerge from the artist’s astute awareness of his immediate surroundings, and his desire to improve them. Questioning who and what make up this environment, and how both the artist and others deal with the world around them, Nasbami converts his reflections into wallbased and sculptural works with a recognizable form language that is both graphic and colorful. In his new series, specifically designed for Unfair18, he reflects on the contested nature of the playground by using materials and shapes that highlight the contrast between their shape, material and function. His works appear to echo a retro vibe that neatly fits with the fact that perhaps the playground has fallen a bit out of fashion in the digital age, but that also elevates the works in the series to a relevant and contemporary whole.

Stephan Bontje is fascinated by the role that religion plays in contemporary capitalism. It is precisely the development that iconology has experienced in relation to the past that is a dominant starting point here, because it shows how different people deal with the same ideas, and how they change over time. On the one hand, his research will look at what elements have survived that history, what is present in our collective memory and visual expressions, and what this actually means. On the other hand Bontje wants to see if it is possible to come up with new forms from this collective memory, and whether existing forms of iconology can also be used differently. By combining different objects, both artistic and useful objects, meanings and rituals, Bontje explores whether it is possible to come up with new, contemporary rituals and religions visually.

Jacco Bunt will do research on iconology based on mythological stories. By contrasting different stories, he wants to test what are the most dominant image types within this, to make here from his work. His focus is mainly on non-European stories and image types, where image types from the mythology and history of Europe seem less and less to appear in contemporary iconology. In other parts of the world much more is drawn from the past in that respect; something that is also visible in migrant communities that try to confirm their own identity in the middle of a new environment. In preparation for this residency, Bunt will travel to southern Spain to see how a mix of Islamic and Christian religion, folklore and culture have led the image types that have arisen there, and then to look at what is happening here in contemporary life, besides historical and preserved objects and buildings, is still over. This is also a good way to look at two cultures that, despite a turbulent history, are close to each other, and how they differ considerably in iconology. All in all, this visual investigation into patterns, use of color, figuration, decoration and stories that they convey will form the basis for the new work that Bunt will make.

Exhibition is a pat of Urban Art Week Berlin -

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