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Exhibition opening and live music

Eugen schönhaar strasse 6a 10407 Berlin - zum Stadtplan
Dienstag 05.02.2019 - Anfangszeit: 18:00 Uhr
Kategorie: Kunst
FOLIAGE - Terhi Adler, Juliana Hyrri & Eero Yrjölä
Opening: 5.2. 19-21h, Welcome Welcome
Music performance by Antti Salovaara during the opening.

Dreaming eyes, dreamy lips. "... so beautiful, even in death"


Talk to me.

Plants, our silent companions. They provide food, medicine and beauty; they are extraordinary listeners and purify the occasionally toxic air. In exchange, we take care of you. Plants can suffer through dry seasons, suffocate with overwatering or even the. What kind of affection do we have for our houseplants? What is our bond with nature?

I'm attracted to our relationship with other-than-human beings, different types of connections and interdependence: human beings and plants, various situations and stages of friendship.


Even pretty things need to make sense.

The guide was something about sand, silk paper wrapping and something else, meadow buttercups and other wild flowers.

For the rest of my life I'll remember how my dad is standing in the grand hall of my school, armful of pink roses. The girls took plenty of pictures of their new digital camera. However, I did not want any of these pictures as my background.


Apparent death, or "playing dead", is a defense mechanism that occurs in a wide range of animals as a means to try to survive a life-threatening situation, or sometimes, as a form of aggressive mimicry.

Fairytales death-like passivity is profoundly feminine quality, and it seems to be intertwined with "beauty", or, being under the male gauze. The real evil in fairytales is not the wicked witch, but instead, it reads in the structures of patriarchal culture and dichotomies between genders and sexualities.

A sleeping beauty in the thicket of thorns. "... Is not it too dreamy?"


FOLIAGE LEAVES - Terhi eagle, Juliana Hyrri & Eero Yrjölä

Dreamy eyes, dreamy lips "... so beautiful, even in death"


Speaks with me.

Plants, our silent companions. They give us food, medicine and beauty - they are excellent listeners and purify our venomous air at times. We take care of them, plants can suffer from periods of drought, suffocate if they overhydrate and eventually die. How is our affection for house plants shown? What is our connection with nature?

I am interested in our relationship with non-human beings, the different connections and the interdependence between humans and plants, the different situations and stages of a friendship.


Even beautiful things must make sense.

The instruction was something to do with sand, tissue paper, and anything else, meadows of cocks and other wildflowers that are dried out by lifting the ostrich. I gave the yellow roses an artificial respiration by cutting the stems.

I will remember my whole life as my father stood in the great hall of my school, with an armful of pink roses. While many girls made pictures of the roses with their new digital cameras, I did not want to have any of these pictures as my background.


Apparent death, or "play dead" is a defense mechanism from the animal kingdom, many animals kill themselves to survive a life-threatening situation, or use this as a form of aggressive facial expressions.

In fairy tales, on the other hand, being dead is a predominantly feminine peculiarity, evidently associated with "beauty" or the gaze of a man. The real evil in fairy tales is therefore often not a crazy witch, but rather the structures of a patriarchal culture and the dichotomy between gender and sexual orientation.

A sleeping beauty in a thicket of roses. "... is not it too dreamy?"


von: Galerie Pleiku

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