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Berlin -> Beirut. A conversation about the Lebanese revolution

Exerzierstr 14 13357 Berlin - zum Stadtplan
Einschränkung: Admission is free- donations are encouraged
Mittwoch 06.11.2019 - Anfangszeit: 19:30 Uhr
On October 29, the Lebanese government resigned, succumbing to the pressure of peaceful citizen-led protests, across the country and its Diaspora.
Now in its third week, the popular movement is going strong, with comprehensive political and economic grievances at the forefront of revendications that mark a revolution against existing power structures; those same power structures that use sectarian divisions as an instrument of control.
How did this happen? What has been achieved in three weeks? Where do we go from there? Join us at be‘kech for a roundtable discussion on Wednesday November 6 at 7.30 pm around Lebanon’s October revolution.

von: bekech

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