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Dugout Comedy

Ziegelstraße 28 10117 Berlin - zum Stadtplan
Mittwoch 20.11.2019 - Anfangszeit: 21:00 Uhr
Kategorie: Comedy & Theater
Down In The Dugout is a wild comedy show hosted by Steindor Jonsson and Trevor Silverstein. Every show features a rotating cast of standup comedians, improvisers and entertainers, who will pitch you an evening of curveballs, cracker jacks and mostly things completely unrelated to sports. Anything can happen... so are you Down?

The show is in English and entrance is based on a “Pay What You Want” policy.

Steindor and Trevor are veteran performers in the Berlin comedy scene with numerous sketch and improv shows all around town. They’re also the Producers/Hosts of the weekly live comedy podcast, The Berlin Open Stage Show - Podcast, which is available wherever you get your podcasts!

“Steindor Jonsson and Trevor Silverstein [...] throw down with their own hilarious brand of character-based improvised comedy” - LOLA magazine

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