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How to build an online business or a startup in a fully digitalised country

Prenzlauer Allee 242 Haus 4 10405 Berlin - zum Stadtplan
Dienstag 15.12.2020 - Anfangszeit: 16:00 Uhr
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Welcome to our third TOA Skill Exchange proudly supported by e-Residency of Estonia.

There are leading pioneers in technology, and then there's Estonia on an entirely different (most probably digitally enabled) playing field. From diversifying voting online to the whispers of a digital nomad visa, Estonia has a long tradition of being far advanced in digital-first solutions.

Have you ever wanted to have the access and community of global networks or the EU single market, but weren't able to travel personally? Estonia provides a notable digital solution ... introducing: e-Residency.

Learn about how e-Residency works and how Estonia became the first country to offer it in our introductory keynote with Mats Kuuskemaa, Head of Business Strategy e-Residency, Republic of Estonia. Mats will meet with e-resident and serial entrepreneur Vicky Brock who will share her experience and what motivated her to create and run an Estonian entity that operates fully online.

Three intimate breakout sessions wait for you afterwards, where you can learn more about how becoming an e-Resident is beneficial for you; time-wise, tax-wise, trust-wise.

Breakout session 1 Growing your startup in Estonia's tech powerhouse with Liisi Org, Startup Community Development Manager, Startup Estonia & Alagan Mahalingam, Founder, CEO & Chief Software Architect - Rootcode Labs & Alex Wellman (Mod.), Marketing and Communications Team Lead, e -Residency

Breakout session 2 Digital Nomads & e-Residency: Your Questions Answered with Fabio Faccin, Digital Nomad, Ignacio Nieto Carvajal Micropreneur & Founder of Your Company In Estonia & Digital Leaves & Hannah Brown (Mod.), Head Of Content e-Residency , Republic of Estonia

Breakout session 3 Estonia: no profit tax while you grow. Who can benefit? with Andra Larin, International Tax Lawyer, Founder & Managing Director Priolaunch, Christoph Huebner, CEO & Founder exmedio & Mats Kuuskemaa, Head of Business Strategy e-Residency, Republic of Estonia

Have fun learning, engaging, and meeting some incredible people.

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