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Diverse Landscapes of Cinematography

Berlin - Berlin
Einschränkung: Veranstaltung findet online statt. (Link zum Livestream auf der Website)
Samstag 14.08.2021 - Anfangszeit: 18:00 Uhr
Kategorie: Festivals
This digital conversation brings together two artists who have collaborated on both film and theater productions, Udi Aloni and Maryam Abu Khaled. Panelists will explore the bi-national politics and aesthetics of their work on stage and screen. The conversation, moderated by Deborah Starr, will explore the role activist cinema can play in affecting change. Panelists will also reflect upon cinema—from script and casting to production and distribution—as a medium for exploring the future idea of a Middle East Union.
Prof. Deborah A. Starr
Udi Aloni
Maryam Abu Khaled

The event will be held in English.

von: Berliner Literarische Aktion

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