Rooftop Comedy - Outdoor Stand Up Comedy, upstairs.

Hesenheide 4-5 10967 Berlin - zum Stadtplan
Einschränkung: Eintritt frei spendenbasis
Jeden Samstag - Anfangszeit: 17:00 Uhr
Kategorie: Comedy & Theater
If you are into comedy in the sunshine sipping a cool beverage, this is the show for you! Comedy is back, but gone are the days when we pack into a dark basement, worrying that an errant cough from that guy on the 3rd row might be the beginning of the 4th wave of corona. Rooftop Comedy takes place at the awesome Pala, a beautiful roof terrace in a Hof nestled behind Karstadt, right on Hermannplatz. A selection of the shiniest comedians in Berlin will entertain you as you sit back in the sun, sipping a drink, -almost- convinced that everything is back to normal.

As things aren't actually back to normal, we will be implementing social distancing measures in line with local guidelines, which means that even though we are lucky enough to have a completely outdoor venue, spaces are strictly limited, with a suggested donation of 10EUR. Reserve a ticket below directly on Facebook, or follow the Eventbrite link, but given seating restrictions, -please- only do so if you 100% intend to come. This show is in English.


Show starts at 17:00, and your reservations are valid until 30 MINUTES BEFORE THE START, after which we'll open up the seating to anybody who wants it. We expect this to be full, so don't dally!

Entry to the Hof is @
Hasenheide 4-5 10967 Berlin

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Maria —— 15. Oktober 2021 - 16:45
Hallo, sind die Comedian deutschsprachig oder english ?

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