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Berlin - Berlin
Jeden 3. Mittwoch - Anfangszeit: 18:00 Uhr
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Come together with a circle of men on their path into their King´s Energy. A conscious gathering open for every man who looks for exchange, support and growth!

This gathering is for you when...

... you want exchange at eye level with other men
... you wish to strengthen your masculine energy to become a greater gift for yourself, your partner, the world
... you want to find company in a conscious brotherhood

We meet regularly every 3rd Wednesday of the month! (auf Deutsch jeden 1. Mittwoch im Monat).
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... you're like me and you can't do anything with the masculinity that is dictated by society.

Maybe you're looking for a different kind of masculinity than what your father showed you.

Perhaps you have often developed your personality, illuminated your shadows and danced naked through the forest in ecstatic movement meditations ...
All of that makes sense and is fun... and still there is still some piece of the puzzle missing.

What masculinity is NOT is often easier to answer than the question "What does it mean to me to be a real man?"

Every man / person is different and has his own individual path. My experiences so far have shown:

I could only find my true masculinity within myself. And I found my way there through exchange with other men.

By exchange with conscious men. With men who want to take responsibility, live with open hearts and build their kingdom through their purpose.

That doesn't mean it has to be your way, too. But if you're still reading something seems to be resonating and I invite you to find out what it is.

The Circle of Kings is a safe space to share and listen, to feel and be felt and to deepen our masculine gifts.

I am convinced the world needs more healthy masculinity. The world needs more Kings. I am convinced the world needs you - no matter where you are on your way.

Looking forward to meet you,

PLEASE NOTE: this is a drug-free gathering (that also excludes cigarettes, alcohol and any kind of substances that are not produced by your own body )

PS: This circle is also for you when you think you might NOT BE ... ENOUGH (insert your own doubtful adjectives like „good“, „manly“...) to show up. Trust me brother, you will find out you are. And you are welcome however you show up.

PS2: you can find more about the King's Energy and my experiences in the forum:

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