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The Late Late Show Berlin - Stand Up Comedy in English - 10:30 PM

Donaustraße 112 12043 Berlin - zum Stadtplan
Donnerstag 17.11.2022 - Anfangszeit: 22:00 Uhr
Kategorie: Comedy & Theater
International Stand-Up Comedians perform in a loose setting to polish old bits, try out new ones or to just riff with you about life.

In this late late Show, anything is possible. We get a good mix of experienced comedians and newcomers to perform for you to give you the full experience of what it means to part of a LATE LATE Show. It is one thing above all, loose.

The comedians might have a chat with you, polish their bits or try out new stuff. God knows what they are up to, but one thing is for sure, it going to be one hell of a show. One way or the other.

You might have a drink, we definitely will! It´s a Tuesday after all.

This might be the show you don´t tell your coworkers about. (This makes sense if you read the description of the earlier Show: Late Night Show Berlin.)

Entry: Free

Recommended donations: 7-10€

Reserve a ticket to secure your seat here:
Reservations are only kept until 22:20 so please arrive before that for assured seating.

Doors open: 22:05 (but the bar is already open)

Show Start: 22:30

Show ends: 23:30



Ludwig is a Swiss German Stand-Up Comedian that has performed in Austria, Germany and the Czech Republic. He is now based in Berlin and has been described by various people as “funny.”

IG @Ludwigcomedy

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