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Happy Accident! Stand Up Comedy

Grünberger Straße 84 10245 Berlin - zum Stadtplan
Einschränkung: 12-15 at the door
Freitag 22.03.2024 - Anfangszeit: 20:00 Uhr
Kategorie: Comedy & Theater
Come laugh about the things you should be crying about!

What are people saying?
“I didn’t know what to expect but you were amazing!”

"The way you come up with responses on the spot is just incredible; you have to be so quick!"

“I liked that you talked about personal issues onstage - It’s nice to laugh about things you usually cry about.”

“It was well worth the €!”

“It was very original show and quite raunchy. Impressive show.”
- Audience Reviews


LAST SHOWS: March 22, April 26!

Tera came into the world unplanned. Ever since then - she´s been improvising her life! She´s lived in different cities, worked in bars and in healing, been on TV and been arrested -- and never once has life been boring -- it´s just been one wild ride. Mental health, childhood, dating, relationships and adjusting to life as a foreigner. In this show, Tera looks back at her past to try and understand her twisted current life. Nothing is off the table! Tera performs all over Europe. Rare opportunity to see her longer solo act!! Tera has performed at comedy festivals throughout Europe and has been on TV. Come check out her twisted mind and energetic style.
Stand up comedy for outcasts and weirds. Leave feeling more alive + connected! This show is about the hard things in life: mental health, childhood, relationships and adjusting to life as a foreigner. Nothing is off the table!

In this special edition, Tera performs a long set her best jokes -- and the other part of the show is totally improvised through crowd interaction and prompts! This is a unique experience, guaranteeing you never see the same show twice!

TICKETS: It is FREE to book a seat, but you Pay-At-The-Door for the show. We accept cash/cards. 12-15 your choice regular, 10 student/unemployed. This is a pro-level show.

NOTE: Please make a reservation. Doors open at 20:00. Claim your seat by 20:15. Show at 20:30. STAY for the LATE SHOW at 22:30 - Comedy for the Twisted Open mic! If you want.

ABOUT TERA COMEDY: Tera's an international stand up comedian, host and producer , originally from the United States, living in Berlin. She’s performed stand up in 10 countries. Her content tackles mental health, relationships, dark humor, and being an expat in Europe. Tera has a Master´s Degree in Psychology. She´s known for her energetic delivery, her bold content and fearlessly engaging with her audience. In addition to her jokes, Tera hosts several of her own shows per month, and is high in demand as a guest host for other people. Tera is known for seamlessly sprinkling in crowd work.
Credits include The Hamburg International Comedy Festival, hosting for the Berlin New Standup Awards, and Berlin Mental Health Festival at Cosmic Comedy; and twice accepted to Boom Chicago! Comedy Festival. She was featured on Television Stand-Up Revolution Romania in 2022 and her clip has 78K views on Youtube. She hosts one of Berlin´s most beloved weekly shows Dude, Where´s My Visa? Thursdays at the Wall Comedy Club, GLOW; and Laugh Trap Comedy nights.
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