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Stories Of Ai Weiwei

Niederkirchnerstraße 7 10963 Berlin - zum Stadtplan
Sonntag 24.05.2015 - Anfangszeit: :00 Uhr
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Cinema for Peace proudly presents the Ai Weiwei Screening Series at Martin-Gropius-Bau, Berlin FRIDAY, MAY 22
followed by a panel discussion with
Christoph Strässer (Human Rights Commissioner of the Federal Government)
Grit Lederer (director "Ai Weiwei - Evidence")
Gereon Sievernich (director Martin-Gropius-Bau)
Jaka Bizilj (founder Cinema for Peace) S

11 am - SO SORRY
6 pm - BOX YOUR EARS RSVP: to FREE ENTRANCE! Niederkirchnerstraße 7 10963 Berlin-Kreuzberg
Kinosaal im Martin-Gropius-Bau Ai Weiwei - The Filmmaker Ai Weiwei is best known for his art and his activism in support of human rights and freedom of expression. What most people are not aware of is the fact that Ai Weiwei is a prolific documentary film maker. In China, his films are censored and cannot be legally watched. In 2011, Ai Weiwei was arrested and secretly detained for 81 days due to his criticism of the Chinese regime and for bringing the abuse of human rights to widespread attention with his actions and films. He was placed under house arrest and, till today, is still under soft detention and not allowed to leave China. Since his documentary films are an important and still quite unknown part of his ouevre, the Martin Gropius Bau together with Cinema for Peace will show a selection of his films. Details: THE CRAB HOUSE
The word for "crab" also stands for "harmony ", which is the typical wording for censorship: bringing all views to harmony. The film The Crab House documents the censorship of Ai Weiwei's work and the forced demolition of Ai Weiwei's Studio - and Ai Weiwei's response with a fantastic crab party! SO SORRY
So Sorry shows the beginnings of the tension between Ai Weiwei and the Chinese Government and the investigation by Ai Weiwei to identify the students who died during the Sichuan earthquake as a result of corruption and poor building constructions. Their parents were not allowed to help their dying children or even identify their corpses. These events mark the beginning of Ai Weiwei's struggle and surveillance at the hands of the state police. ONE RECLUSE
One Recluse is about the reasons behind the murder of six Shanghai police officers and investigates into a trial process filled with shady cover-ups and questionable decisions. The mass murderer was originally an innocent person whose life was destroyed by police and authorities. DISTURBING THE PEACE
Disturbing the Peace is about Tan Zuoren's trial, who was charged with "inciting subversion of state power". Chengdu police detained witnesses during the trial in an act of obstruction of justice and an act of violence. The film also shows the physical assault on Ai Weiwei in order to prevent him from testifying in court - the authorities came at night and overpowered Ai Weiwei. BOX YOUR EARS
Box your ears is a structural element of a citizens' investigation into the casualties of the Sichuan earthquake in 2008. By gathering and confirming comprehensive details about the students, such as their age, region, school, and grade, the group managed to affirm that there were 5,192 students who perished in the disaster.

von: CinemaforPeace

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