The Cat Walk - Alternative Berlin History

Pariser Platz 4 10117 Berlin - zum Stadtplan
Einschränkung: Die erste halbe Stunde ist gratis. Danach ist eine Spende von 10 Euro erwünscht
Jeden Samstag - Anfangszeit: 14:00 Uhr
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You love the creative vibe and free spirit of Berlin, perhaps that is the very reason why you moved here.
But you are not exactly sure where it all came from.
Wasnt this place the headquarter of Nazi terror and after that the focal point of cold war tension between east and west?
Sad but true, however:
when the Berlin Wall came down, this "peaceful revolution" brought about a historically unique situation in which artists from all around the globe flocked to Berlin, and together with the existing "front-city" party crowd used the devastated spaces of east Berlin as experimental playground.
Which is how they shaped the self fulfilling myth of Berlin as the world capital of art and alternative culture.

This tour is starting at Brandenburg Gate to give you the historical background to understand how Berlin got to the starting point of this astonishing rebirth.
We will then continue through Friedrichstrasse and use the train station as an example to understand what life in the eighties in the divided city was like and how this status quo has influenced the culturual development after the wall came down.
Finally we visit the Barn Quarter (Scheunenviertel), which is where the re-invention of East Berlin had its origins, and I will share my personal experiences of those early days with you.

I am a singer-songwriter and comedian and after spending most of my school holidays here, I moved to West Berlin in 1988, one year before the wall came down.
I love telling stories and I am looking forward to meeting all of you friends from abroad who are curious to look beneath the surface and find out the why and how Berlin has become such an amazing place to live

"The cat walk" takes roughly 2,5 hours starting at Brandenburg Gate
and finishing at Hackescher Markt.

The first half hour of this walk is free, after that, if you want to continue, you are kindly requested to make a donation of 10 Euro

and you are recommended to make a reservation by getting a free ticket for this event on eventbrite.
That free ticket will serve as your reservation, as the

maximum nr. of participants is
10 people.
The actual fee for participating can be paid in cash when you join the tour

The meeting point is in front of "Akademie der Künste", Pariser Platz 4, that is on your left on the large square in front of Brandenburg Gate when you are coming from eastern direction (Unter den Linden)

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