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Tiny OyoUnity @ ZK/U | Ria Boss – Casting Spells: A Songwriting Workshop

Siemensstraße 27 10551 Berlin - zum Stadtplan
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Dienstag 19.09.2023 - Anfangszeit: 11:00 Uhr
Kategorie: Musik
There is a song for every mood, a sound that takes you back to a memory, and a lyric that can make you wish you could travel in time. The music, the words, the force, the songs take a life of their own when we breathe our experiences into them. How do we breathe this life? How do we cast spells that move, bend and create the magic that is the music we know and love? 'Casting Spells' is a songwriting workshop that helps you tap into your own memories, your own sense of self and gives you the tools to make magic.

von: Oyoun

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