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Free Opening Event Traditional Tantra Yoga Course

Brunnenstr. 147 10115 Berlin - zum Stadtplan
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Sonntag 03.10.2021 - Anfangszeit: 16:30 Uhr
Kategorie: Sport
The teachers of the new class will present our ongoing Traditional Tantra Yoga Course, answer your questions and give you a preview of the upcoming topics of the course.
The two hours will be split in an introductory and practical part.


Description Traditional Tantra Yoga Course:

Tantra Yoga is much more than erotic with incense candles, as it is often mistakenly presented in the Western world today. Tantra Yoga is the science of the universe, the science of life. It provides us with a deep understanding of the functioning of the universe and its principles. Those who translate the Tantra Yoga key principles for themselves begin to understand why things are the way they are – and how to use that for their own spiritual development. For a Tantric, everything is one, a great cosmic whole, into which all beings and all phenomena are integrated. And when everything comes out of a great whole, a single, sacred, creative consciousness, there is nothing that is not sacred.

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