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Free Trial Lesson Traditional Tantra Yoga Course

Brunnenstr. 147 10115 Berlin - zum Stadtplan
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Samstag 01.01.2000 - Anfangszeit: 18:00 Uhr
Kategorie: Sport
Weekly ongoing course with Hatha Yoga practice & Theory Lessons in English

On-site and simultaneously online via Zoom.

We offer one free trial lesson per person.


Tantra Yoga is the path of realizing the Truth by learning from all life experiences. It is a path suited for those who wish to live life fully, to experience all that life has to offer, and to turn every life situation into an opportunity for growth. Tantra Yoga is a path of living detached, yet fully engaged with the world. It does not deny any aspect of life, but instead finds the spiritual lessons & meaning in everything.

In the Traditional Tantra Yoga course, we approach Tantra as a spiritual science that offers a systematic approach to evolution and self-development for those who wish to learn and transform, through direct experience, by living fully and freely in the world.

The first year of the course establishes fundamental concepts such as:

• The game of polarity (between masculine & feminine aspects) & mechanisms of attraction

• Subtle force centers (chakras) and energetic pathways of the human body (nadis/meridians) which affect human psychology & behavior

• Various Tantric tools & techniques – such as asana-s, pranayama, and meditation, and visualization – which aim to create specific transformations in the inner states & daily life of the human being


There will be no class on the following days:

- 21st of December 2021
- 28th of December 2021
- 4th of January 2022

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Truth 23. November 2021 - 15:04
This school is connected to the foundation MISA and the so called Guru Gregorian Bivolaru who has been charged of physical, psychic and spiritual abuse, mainly on young woman,and is being searched by Interpol.

For further information call the SektenInfo, where many women had the courage to charge the abuses happening

+49 30 90227-6597

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