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Tiny OyoUnity @ ZK/U | Pop-Up-Event: hugo x tibiriçá – rituals for the anthropocene

Siemensstraße 27 10551 Berlin - zum Stadtplan
Donnerstag 21.09.2023 - Anfangszeit: 18:00 Uhr
Kategorie: Kunst
human supremacy over the planet has already brought the world to climate collapse, mass extinction of species and the possibility of our own extinction. we are living in the anthropocene: the human-dominated planet. “rituals for the anthropocene” is a multi-disciplinary work by hugo x tibiriçá – a series of impromptu video-rituals to help us go through these times of unprecedented planetary change. the audience is invited to become witnesses and participants of the rituals – to challenge our status as a dominant species, scrutinize our history and legacy of domination, place the very meaning of being a human at stake as well as commit to more life-affirming ways of going forward inhabiting the earth.

von: Oyoun

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