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Insider tips – how to succeed in a job interview

Berlin - Berlin
Donnerstag 23.11.2023 - Anfangszeit: 14:00 Uhr
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The live online seminar addresses common questions faced during job interviews such as, "What criticism have you received from colleagues?" or "What would we need to do to make you fail here?" For many individuals, these situations can be highly stressful, often likened to exam experiences.

Have you overcome the initial hurdles of the application process and received an invitation to a personal interview? Perhaps you have undergone several interviews but have yet to secure approval. Maybe you are just starting the application process and wish to boost your self-confidence. If any of these scenarios apply to you, our live online seminar can provide valuable insights on handling challenging situations in job interviews.

Participation in this seminar is ideal if you:

are a non-German speaking job seekerare in the midst of or preparing for the application processwant to prepare for challenging situations in job interviewsseek to approach job interviews with greater confidencewish to learn how to present yourself authentically and competentlywant to understand how to engage in interviews on equal footing

Your hosts:
Marlene Distler holds a master's degree in sociology with an international focus. She has worked on international socio-political projects and provides counseling to local and international job seekers preparing for upcoming job interviews.
Kathrin Schulz has a background in cultural anthropology with a focus on environmental and urban studies. She has lived and studied in Germany, the USA and Latvia and gained over 5 years of experience working with internationals. She has joined JOB POINT Berlin in 2022 and now gives consultation to local and international job seekers.

Target Audience:
This seminar is designed for job seekers with an international background, new arrivals, and jobseeker-visa holders.

The seminar will take place via Zoom. The session starts at 2 pm, but you can join the Zoom room 15 minutes earlier. Please refer to the separate document, for further details.

JOB POINT Berlin is a state-funded project, and your participation, like all JOB POINT Berlin services, is entirely free of charge.

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