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“Roma Women Weaving Europe" - Group Show

Reinhardtstr. 14 10117 Berlin - zum Stadtplan
Donnerstag 21.03.2019 bis Freitag 03.05.2019 - Anfangszeit: 18:00 Uhr
Kategorie: Kunst
“Roma Women Weaving Europe” - Roma feminist thought and contemporary art

The European Roma Institute for Arts and Culture - ERIAC and Rumänisches Kulturinstitut Berlin (RKI) will celebrate Romani women from all over Europe in a joint exhibition "Roma Women Weaving Europe" and several accompanying events.

"Roma Women Weaving Europe" features Roma artists:
Ionela Mihaela Cîmpeanu (RO) │ Ioanida Costache (RO) │ Mihaela Drăgan (RO) │ Ana Maria Gheorghe (RO) │ Delaine Le Bas (UK) │ Kiba Lumberg (FI) │ Małgorzata Mirga-Tas (PL) │ Emília Rigová (SK) │ Selma Selman (BiH) │ Alina Șerban (RO) │ George Vasilescu (RO) │ urban_roma (RO)

The issues related to gender inequality have become a focus of contemporary debates in recent years, with powerful women voices speaking up against patriarchal and oppressive world for women. The approximately 6 million Roma women in Europe know all too well about the impact of gender inequality. Multiple and intersectional discrimination they face - as women, members of a stigmatized ethnic minority, at higher risk of social exclusion and poverty – pushed them to creatively challenge patriarchal and racialized oppression. The every-day struggle of Roma women became a foundation for the gradual emergence of Roma feminism as a movement against injustice. The voices of Romani women – tales of resistance and overcoming as well as solidarity and pride – can become a source of inspiration and a point for reflection for contemporary debates in Europe.

The European Romani women’s movement emerged as a response to the perceived lack of representation, in search of a voice which would articulate the collective needs and interests of Romani women. Indeed, the “white” feminist movements were not inclusive or representative of Romani women sensibilities; the feminist agendas of mainstream women’s movements did not include the perspective of Romnias specifically. Today, Roma feminism emerges as a vocal and visible arm of the contemporary Roma movement, which struggle for equality at the intersection of ethnicity and gender.

Drawing power from their own communities and their transnational solidarity networks, Roma women imagine a new social fabric, weaving together threads of minority and majority struggles and achievements.

On the occasion of celebrating the International Roma Day (8th of April), the European Roma Institute for Arts and Culture (ERIAC) and Romanian Cultural Institute in Berlin will celebrate Romani women – as leaders and survivors, guardians and re-inventors of culture, revolutionaries and change-makers. Romnia (Romani women) become the fore-front of a new revolution – both within their own communities and in the majority society at large. The series of events will celebrate the agency of women as visionaries of a Europe of tomorrow, who challenge minority and majority norms in search for equality.

The exhibition connects the two spaces: the ERIAC Gallery and RKI Gallery, located on the same street in the heart of Berlin (Reinhardtstrasse).

Exhibition Opening: March 21st, 2019 at 18:00 in ERIAC and at 19:00 in RKI, followed by a performance by Mihaela Drăgan and Ioanida Costache.

Program of related events:
8th April 2019: On the International Roma Day a guided tour will take place at the seats of the two institutions (RKI and ERIAC) followed by an artistic performance from Alina Serban.

20th May 2019: On the occasion of celebrating the Romani Resistance Day, ERIAC and RKI will organise a panel discussion about Roma feminist movement in Romania and in Europe. The names of the guests will be announced soon.

21.03.2019 - 03.05.2019: RKI, Reinhardtstrasse 14, 10117 Berlin.
Opening hours: Tue-Fr. 14-18.
21.03.2019 - 30.07.2019: ERIAC, Reinhardtstrasse 41-43,10117 Berlin.

Polnisches Institut Berlin
Nordic Culture Fund

Kiba Lumberg
acrylic on canvas
120 cm x 160 cm
copyrights: Kiba Lumberg

von: Ralu

Bilder aus Berlin

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