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Exhibition at Galerie Pleiku (Prenzlauer Berg)

Eugen schönhaar strasse 6a 10407 Berlin - zum Stadtplan
Dienstag 07.05.2019 bis Samstag 18.05.2019 - Anfangszeit: 19:00 Uhr
Kategorie: Kunst
PARANORMALIZATION - Sanni Saari & Peppi Reenkola
Opening: 7th of May, 19-21h. (also a performance by the artists) Welcome - Welcome
Gallery open: Tue-Sat 15-19h

Welcome to blow your mind at the paranormal art exhibition! Telepathic talent and challenge your friends in thrilling telekinetic pin ball game. Free your neurons to travel new paths! Do not be a regular square, be a paranormal triangle!

Paranormalization is an exhibition that invites guests to find the paranormal inside them. A telekinetic game, where you can hear a mobile phone, but the power of thought is the only thing you want.

As a concept paranormal covers everything we can not explain in scientific terms. Paranormalization on the phenomena dealing with consciousness as telepathy and telekinesia. Behind these alleged talents is the idea that through one's own knowledge anyone can access supernatural powers. Via telepathic and telekinetic exercises the exhibition deals with the nature and meaning of presence.

The fascination with paranormal and esoteric phenomena has survived through ages despite the ever sharpening scientific world view. One could wonder if the confrontation between science and paranormality is even fruitful? Where they are actually trying to answer the same question? As long as the mystery lives, there is space for alternative truth seekers. ***

come to the Vernissage on May 7 from 19:00 to 21:00. At the vernissage there is a telepathy show by the artists.

Welcome to this paranormal exhibition! Come on, experiment and find her hidden, telepathic talent. Challenge your friends to an exciting, telekinetic Pin Ball game! Free your neurons and travel new ways. Stay a normal square, you will become a paranormal Triangle!

Paranormalization is an art exhibition that invites its guests to discover their own, paranormal side. At the show, you can see a video in which the artist duo communicates telepathically, and you can experience a new way of playing: a telekinetic game in which strong muscles and fast fingers do not matter - clear thinking is all you need.
The paranormal as a concept covers everything that can not be scientifically explained.

Paranormalization focuses on the consciousness, namely through telepathy and telekinesis. Behind these alleged talents hides the idea that actually everyone can access unnatural powers through their consciousness. By telepathic and telekinetic exercises the exhibition with nature and the importance of the presence busy. The fascination with paranormal phenomena and esoteric already survived for centuries, despite the increasingly fierce scientific worldview. But perhaps the confrontation of science and paranormality also brings something fruitful? Are not they both trying to answer the same questions? As long as the mystery alive, there is room for alternative seekers.

von: Galerie Pleiku

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