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(Online) Kashmir Shaivism Course - Free trial lesson

Berlin - Berlin
Freitag 03.07.2020 - Anfangszeit: 18:30 Uhr
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This is an ongoing course, taking place every fortnight and having a vast curriculum extending over many years.

About this Event

"Shiva” means the “good one”, the benevolent, the kind. In the Indian tradition Shiva is the aspect of divine that reveals Itself, that unveils the Truth and sets you free. Shaivism is a path to discover the nature of reality, the mysterious relationship between what is finite and all that is infinite, and who we really are, the essential Self. Shaivism reached its pinnacle in Kashmir as a non-dual – Advaita – approach to Tantra Yoga, embracing all that exists as essentially spiritual. Everything is consciousness.

This course embarks on the path step by step, unfolding the cosmology and symbolism of Kashmir Shaivism as the basis for many practices and initiations on this Liberation Way.

• A “map” of the spiritual paths
• Methods to awaken Consciousness
• Practical study of the Shiva sutras & other texts
• Sanskrit as a sacred alphabet
• Spirituality in daily life

Course Fee

One free trial lesson per person.

Regular: 60,00 € per month

In case you are taking either the Yoga or Tantra Yoga class of our school you receive a reduction of 25 % for the Kashmir Shaivism course fee.

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Once the circumstances (most importantly government regulations) allow it, we will offer the course in our yoga centre. People joining the course from other cities can still participate online.

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