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Patterns (Exhibition)

Brunnenstraße 197-198 10119 Berlin Berlin - zum Stadtplan
Mittwoch 06.11.2019 bis Dienstag 03.12.2019 - Anfangszeit: 19:00 Uhr
Kategorie: Kunst
“Patterns” is a series of works that study the very specific functions of visual pattern analysis and stereopsis, the most complex functions of visual information processing: what we could fairly call high level visual thinking.
The formal indeterminacy of patterns; the absence of shape, boundaries, regions or figures; the lack of compositive elements and the chromatic ambiguity are initially conceived as a set of constrains that isolate the visual system from our every day live view of reality, mainly characterized by pathological fixation with objects and functions.

Claudio Duarte, born in 1984 in Cáceres (Spain), studied art at several universities until he started a collaboration with Klaus Kramer Gallery in Amsterdam. In 2013 he moved to berlin, starting a more reflexive period and focusing on his theoretical work.

von: Galerie Supernova

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