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Lecture: Intercultural Perspectives on Documentary Images

Lahnstraße 25 12055 Berlin - zum Stadtplan
Mittwoch 28.08.2019 - Anfangszeit: 19:00 Uhr
Kategorie: Kino
The documentary made in intercultural contexts, positions the author/tor and her vision of the world in dialogue with her own biography, her cultural belongings and of course in dialogue with her own privileges. Eurocentrism, ethnicity, exoticism, racialized projections on others, are devices that help to reproduce racism in the media and cinema. As filmmakers, the way we portray others speaks much more of the author than of the people represented in a film.

Race as a character floods us with images and narratives constructed as "the normal", hiding that they have been created through interests of power; The diversity of discourses, the claims of "minorities" to be an active voice in the media are an important point for a sustainable imaginary, for a dignified imaginary.

The interactive lecture will be given by:

Paola Reyes, Director of Photography and Audiovisual Direction, graduated from the Escuela Internacional de Cine y Televisión de San Antonio de los Baños, Cuba.
Graduated in Plastic Arts from the National Pedagogical University of Honduras.
Currently, member of the Collective of Activists for Human Rights in Honduras (CADEHO) based in Berlin, Germany. And member of the Ocote Films Collective (Berlin- Tegucigalpa).

CADEHO is a collective of activists who, after the coup d'état in Honduras (2009), found themselves in solidarity with grassroots groups that are defending the human, territorial and cultural rights of Indigenous, peasant, LGTBI+ and Feminist populations in Honduras. Cadeho monitors and accompanies the situation of human rights in Honduras, produces written, radio and audiovisual material on this subject, also coordinates human rights observation delegations to Honduras, and does political advocacy work to accompany Honduran activists on tours and events in Germany.

Ocote Film is the media arm of CADEHO.

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