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Films by Draufsicht Global

Lahnstraße 25 12055 Berlin - zum Stadtplan
Freitag 30.08.2019 - Anfangszeit: 19:00 Uhr
Kategorie: Kino
Draufsicht GLOBAL is an international collective producing films on topics such as sustainability, gender, racism and inequality. The two teams in Bamenda (Cameroon) and Berlin (Germany) are examining what contributes to inequality in their societies and what a world could look like in which opportunities are more evenly distributed.

With a distance of over 5000km between the two teams, working together is not always easy. That’s why they visit each year for three weeks to produce documentaries and short films together. Which is not always easy:

Since 2017, fighting between separatists and the army in the western regions of Cameroon has forced half a million people to flee violence and arbitrariness.

But how can a youth encounter project discuss the goals for sustainable development of the United Nations while villages are burned down less than a hundred kilometres away?

von: Draufsicht Berlin

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